Latest update on Kenny

I received this email today from Kenny. God is so good.
Hello, Deborah,
I apologize for not updating you recently. Things have been extremely busy for us, as you can understand. Throughout the last eight months, we have grown even more certain of several things: God loves us more than we could know…He has a plan for us…His plan is not only for His glory but for our good…God is in control! PRAISE HIM!
Since August, we have been going to San Antonio every four weeks for experimental treatments with Reolysin, a drug containing the virus called reovirus. Although I have experienced flu-like symptoms during each “treatment week”, I have tolerated it well with no real lasting side effects. I am feeling pretty good or better most of the time.
I have had CT scans just about every eight weeks during all of this. Each of the scans have looked virtually the same, meaning there are still tumors or masses there, but they appear to be unchanged (stable) over the past six months. However, this last time, I also had a PET scan (my first one). The results showed “no metabolic activity”, which “suggests” that there may not be any active cancer cells anywhere. Medically speaking, there seems to be little evidence that I have cancer any more, but this could only be confirmed with a biopsy, which is not a good idea because of the risks involved.
There have been many prayers offered up on our behalf. We have continued to trust God in everything. We believe that God has used our faith and these many prayers to sustain us and give us a peace through all of it. God has shown us that if He desires to heal me, He can do it any way He chooses using anything or anyone He chooses. We believe that God has healed me, possibly even using this new breakthrough medicine to do so. PRAISE GOD!
There is one more treatment round for me remaining in the clinical trial I am in, scheduled for the last week in February. There is a good chance that the sponsoring pharmaceutical company, Oncolytics Biotech, will want to continue treatments beyond that.
There are so many opportunities to minister to fellow cancer patients and their loved ones. We are surrounded by so many of all ages with such profound needs. At times, we feel that this is one of our biggest challenges. We need the right words to say.
Feel free to share some or all of this as you see fit. We know that God is using your website to touch many. Thank you for your prayers and concern.
Love in Christ,
Kenny and Helen Scott


3 thoughts on “Latest update on Kenny

  1. Don’t stop extra healthy practices because it will take about a year after cancer goes into remission to rebuild the immune system.

    Dr. Robert Jay Rowen MD and Dr. Johnathon V Wright MD both have excellent web sights that are searchable (subscription required).

    Adequate Selenium and Vitamin D3 are crucial for preventing cancer per these authors. Sunlight (20 minutes for caucasians) every day from mid spring through mid fall is the best way to get UV B to make Vitamin D. Need to supplement the other half of the year unless you move near the equator. Use absolutely no sunblock. A SPF of 8 will reduce UV B absorption by 88%.

    No junk food for the next year. No well-done blackened meat (full of heterocyclic amines). No french fries or potato chips or other browned starches (contain significant acrylamide – do search on Chemical and Engineering News magazine which which most Chemists and Chemical Engineers read). No sugar (inhibits white blood cell activity).

    The extremely good drink and food:

    Lots of reverse osmosis, well, or spring water.
    You do not want chloridated and fluoridated tap water.
    One-half teaspoon sea salt or himalayan salt per 8 glasses to maintain electrolytes.

    Lots of homade organic carrot juice.
    Lots of homade leafy green vegetable juice.
    All vegetables including cabbage and cruciferous. Want something sweet try baked butternut aquash.

    Good Luck.

  2. My dad just found out yesterday that he is “in” the Reolysin study at U of M. He starts Monday. He has leiomyosarcoma with lung mets. I found your story reassuring and hopeful. I will pass this along to my dad for sure!!!

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