Looking At Donna’s Face for the Last Time

As I think back to the day of Donna’s funeral service, I think about the friends and family in attendance. There were many people who traveled large distances to attend.  I think about the music and the message. Both were fitting and inspirational. I also think about how peaceful Donna looked.  Her struggles were completely over, and she finally could be at rest. We decided on her purple wedding dress for her burial clothes and plenty of purple in her casket spray. I think she would have been pleased.

Our prayers have all been answered.

She finally arrived.

Her healing, once delayed, has now been realized.

Though once in a hurry, she has no schedule to keep.

She’s just enjoying Jesus, sitting at his feet.

If we could see her now, she’s walking streets of gold.

If we could see her now, she’s standing tall and whole.

If we could see her now, we’d know her pain had all been erased.

If we could see her now, we’d know she had seen His face.

We would never want her to leave that place.

if we could only see her now.

(Adapted from the song, “If You Could See Me Now”)