Families Who Have Cancer

You know them.  I know them.  Perhaps your family is one of them.  Families who have been touched by cancer. I think that having small children would make having cancer more difficult.  Not only is just doing the every day tasks more difficult, but the emotional facet of perhaps not seeing your children grow up must be factored into the stress of the situation.

Of course, that is not to say that having cancer is any easier for those of us who have grown children.  There are always grandchildren we would like to see grow into adulthood.  Yes.  Cancer is difficult for everyone.

We are not given a choice in life about what diseases we will and won’t have.  Our genetics and lifestyle can and will influence our health, but for the most part we just don’t get to choose.  Famlies are part of the illness and the recovery.

As we pray for the folks in our lives who are will, don’t forget to pray for their families.

Wayne, an update

As you know, Wayne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  The location of his tumor was actually behind and attached to the pancreas.  He has been through radiation and is still taking chemo.  His tumor has shrunk to the point that it was invisible on a CT scan.  It can be seen when a scope is done, but is very small.  He has had some pain and the doctor has permanently deadened some nerves around the pancreas.  He will continue this chemo treatments for a few more weeks and see the doctor again.

All things considered, Wayne is doing great.  We are so very thankful for God’s graciousness and healing power.

Kay’s Battle is Over

A few months ago, I wrote about my friend, Kay. She had been diagnosed with an agressive form of bladder cancer.  She was given a couple of years to live.  Even though she battled with chemo and radiation treatments, putting her cancer into remission was not to be.  She passed away this week about 18 months after her diagnosis.  She leaves behind her husband, a daughter, and two sons.

The one of the especially sad aspects of Kay’s situation was that approximately six weeks ago, Kay’s father passed away with cancer.  Kay’s mother lost both a husband and a daughter in less than two months.  I can not comprehend what must be the depth of her grief.

This Side of Heaven, It Is Only Change That Never Changes

In August I went back to my teaching career.  There were several reasons for returning to the classroom, all of them financial.  However, when I decided to go back to work full time, working with special needs children, I decided to have a good attitude about the change in my life.  Yes, I enjoyed my time at home, being a Mary Kay director, caring for my husband when he broke his ankles and help my grandmother recover from her life threatening illness.  Yes. it was very good, but that season of my life is over….at least for now.

No, I don’t care for having to get up and get out of the house early in the morning, and not everything is great about teaching, but God has provided an excellent position in a wonderful school.  He has give me two wonderful aides, and precious children to teach.  Watching these children learn is very rewarding.  This is a new season for me, and I am enjoying it.

Because of this my ‘blog writing’ time has been reduced.  Actually it has stopped for several months now.  I appreciate all the people who have still been reading even though there has been no new material.

During the next few days, I am going to attempt to post some updates for the people I have written about previously and then add some new material about families and cancer.