21. Together, Again


After the Hospice nurse left, I stayed to help further settle Daddy in for his first night in the nursing home. This was all so surreal. Both my parents in a nursing home? How on earth did this happen? It has all been so quick and so slow at the same time.

We had Daddy’s bed on one side of the room and Mother’s bed on the other with their recliners side by side in the middle. We wanted to put their beds side by side, but, for several reasons, we were unable to arrange it that way.

I remember this moment like it was yesterday. I sat on the bed beside Daddy, doing something. Can’t remember exactly what. Ok so I don’t remember everything about this moment. Anyway, Mother said, “Pat, what are you doing?” “Debbie, he is standing up!” “Debbie, he is walking!”

Yes, Daddy stood up with no assistance and started walking. I said, “Daddy, what are you doing?” He walked around me over to Mother. He said, “I’m going to give Mama a kiss.” With that comment he leaned over and kissed her, and then walked back and sat down beside me on his bed. As far as I know that was the last time he walked alone.

This was one of those bitter sweet moments.

A little while later I got ready to leave. Mother was in her bed, and Daddy was in his. As I walked out the door, he said, “Sugar, thank you for all you have done for us. We appreciate it.”

Yep. I needed a good cry that night.

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