17. Hospital Elegante’


Oh, those hospital cots. Aren’t they wonderful? Not. However, I did get used to them and I have slept a couple of cots that were actually comfortable. Not that you get much sleep in a hospital anyway. That is for another post.

After so many days and nights at the hospital, you develop a routine that works. I tend to desire a lot of ‘creature comforts’. As a Mary Kay Director (then Consultant) , I must have my makeup. I had my blow drier for my hair, shampoo, shower gels, etc. I developed my packing system and packed the same way every time I left home to go to Abilene. I only needed one midsize suitcase and my pillow (a must have item), and I was ready to go.

When I arrived at the hospital, either Mother’s room or Daddy’s room, which ever one needed me the most, I unpacked my suitcase as much as possible depending on how much closet space and drawers were available in the room. Once that was done, then I felt like my nest was made.

On the oncology floor and also on the physial therapy floor, the nurses were great about showing me where the clean linens were kept. I would go and get what we needed, towels, washcloths, blankets, sheets, etc. I did not leave the hospital and go some where else to shower. I ‘lived’ there.

Since I am a coffee drinker, I got to know the coffee room well, making coffee for everyone regularly.

I could share with you my exact routine because it is still very clear in my memory, but I’m not going to. Boring! You din’t know want to know the details. Just know this. My motto was, “Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find.” If I needed something for me or for my parents, I asked. If I could get it for myself or do it for myself, I did.

Yes, spending so much time at the hospital was hard for many reasons and on many levels. However, I do not regret any of it and would do it again if necessary.

If I did have to do it again, I feel sure that I could fall back into my same routine and not ‘miss a beat’. Well, I have done it again. Last fall my husband fell off a ladder and broke both ankles. Six nights in the hospital. Yes, I went right back and did the same things almost exactly as I did them before.

Hospital Elegante’

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