Wayne’s Battle with Pancreatic Cancer is Over

We are never happy with this kind of ending to valiant battles waged against any terminal illness. Our church prayed for Wayne.  We prayed first that initial diagnosis would be something other than cancer. It wasn’t.  We prayed that God would miraculously heal Wayne. We thought at first that He did, but He didn’t.  We prayed that the chemo and radiation would work.  We thought at first that it did, but it didn’t.  Finally, we prayed that God would be merciful and keep Wayne comfortable.  He did, and He took Wayne home just a few days ago, leaving a huge hole in our hearts, and our church.

We don’t understand why it has to be that way.  As our pastor said, we just know that God is still a loving God, and he cares for us in so many ways.  We were all blessed as we watched Wayne’s courage in the midst of his fear and pain.  We saw him share his faith in miraculous ways to people that he would not normally have even known.

Yes, we are sad and we miss him tremendously, but we know that for him, life is so much better.  Because now he is standing tall and whole, because his pain is erased, because we know Wayne has seen His face, we would never want him to leave heaven.  No, not at all.

Wayne’s Battle with Pancreatic Cancer

Writing this post about Wayne is not easy and I have been putting it off for quite a while.  Wayne’s cancer is once again active and though it has not spread throughout his body, he is suffering from the effects of the disease.  The cancer has spread to the duodenum and is causing him to be nauseated and throw up bile many times a day.  The doctors put in stints to help give him some relief, with some measure of success.  However, he continues to lose weight and become more frail.  He was in considerable pain, but a few days ago the doctors clipped some nerves and the pain is, at this time, no longer a major issue.

Wayne’s children and brothers and sisters have gathered to minister to him, and our church is continually lifting them up in prayer, as well as providing food for the family. As Wayne, his wife, and family walk down this path, they look to our Lord for strength equal to their days, and peace beyond measure.

I will be sharing more soon.