No, Not Again.

It was a typical quiet Friday evening at the Foster house when my phone rang. My husband and I were preparing to watch our highly anticipated regular Friday evening TV shows. Curling up on the couch with my husband and/or our puppy dog for about 3 hours was my reward for a week’s work.

I answered the phone and heard an unfamiliar voice that  belonged to my uncle’s friend.  What he told me rocked my world, or at least my life at that moment and many moments to come.  I knew almost immediately that things were going to be different for me for a long period of time.

But that didn’t matter.  I would deal with my personal changes as needed.  What mattered were the things this friend shared with me about my uncle.  You see, my personal changes would be temporary, but the changes in my uncle’s life were going to be immediate and permanent.

Cancer had once again hit our family.  Next post: My most unforgettable character, Ronnie Patton.