3. Just Another Hospitalization


It was really no big deal. Daddy had been in the hospital once, twice, and even 3 times every year for the past decade. Many of those times he was seriously ill. At times we were not sure he would live. But he always did. He always ‘clawed’ his way back from what seemed to be the brink of death. My sisters and I had gotten used to it in a way. This time would be no different. Well, not really.

When I got the word that Daddy was in the hospital after my 50th birthday. I didn’t rush up there. School had started, and at that time I was a teacher. I waited until the next weekend to go.

You see, my parents lived just outside Abilene, Texas, and I live in Big Spring, in west Texas. My sisters live in Abilene, so they were available to help Mother out at the hospital. So I waited.

This hospitalization was different because the doctors were having difficulty figuring out what was wrong with Daddy. They ran a multitude of tests and came up with nothing. I don’t remember what his symptoms were. Whatever they were, the symptoms did not go along with his currently exsisting medical conditions, diabetes, mini-strokes, heart angina, neuropathy, etc. After about 2 1/2 weeks we decided to take him to Scott and White Hospital in Temple. Perhaps they could help.

That is not the most significant event in this hospitalization, however.

When I arrived at the hospital a few days after Daddy was admitted, I went to his room and saw Mother. My heart sank. I knew immediately that the largeness and abnormal shape of her right breast was not due to wearing a bra incorrectly. I realized we had a problem. A big problem.

I still didn’t say anything to Mother about my concerns. Why? I was scared to death. I had never faced anything like this, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even mention it to my sisters for a couple of days. They hadn’t noticed anything wrong. I did my best to ‘put my head in the sand’ and pretend that what I knew was probably breast cancer, was NOT there. This was all my imagination and so I was going to ignore it.

God had other plans. Tomorrow: The trip to Scott and White, and Dr. Phil.

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