Pancreatic Cancer is No Match For God’s Healing Power

I spoke with Wayne last night.  He had been to the doctor to get the results of his latest CT scan.  The doctor told Wayne that his tumor could not be seen on the scan!!! There was considerable scarring from the radiation treatments, but no tumor!  Wayne asked the doctor, “So God performed a miracle?”  To which the doctor replied, “I’m not going to say that, but something miraculous did happen here.”  Our response? “Well, whatever.”  We are all taking this as God’s miraculous healing power.

The doctor wants to continue chemo for about three more months and then do another scan just as added ‘insurance.  He told Wayne that he was not going to say that the cancer is gone, because it could be just reduced and hidden among the scar tissue.  However, he did admit that Wane was doing amazingly well.  In the midst of the latest round of chemo Wayne has felt well, suffered no pain, and has gained weight.

We are all excited, praising and thanking God for his Grace and Goodness to Wayne and Glynn.  We all realize that because pancreatic cancer is usually aggressive, it could raise its ugly head at any given point in time, once again placing Wayne in front of its life threatening jaws.  For this reason, we are all, especially Wayne and Glynn, enjoying this moment of strength, and yes, healing which is a precious gift from God.

5 thoughts on “Pancreatic Cancer is No Match For God’s Healing Power

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  2. My mother in law was diagnosed w/ pancreas cancer about 2 weeks ago. what kind of chemo did wayne take? We do believe in miracles and the power of prayer! Any suggestions will help!

  3. ctually I want to share and ask possibility for your help to pray for my mother in law.

    Two weeks ago, she went to hospital for 10 days and later on diagnozed by doctor in Surabaya for Pancreatic Cancer (Malignant), the tumor pressed output access of liver liquid produced, this make her skin turning a bit yellow. I have already bring her to Singapore General Hospital last sunday and the doctor there already tried to do Endoscopic treatment to make a valve on the small intestines, but this way was fail.
    Then my wife niece husband bring her to Nangfang Military Hospital for further checking and look better medical treatment and from 4D scanning, she diagnozed with Malignant Cancer today and it already spread to duodenum and inside of pancreas (the doctor told that her life is about months)

    Just in case if you have a time and possible only, may I asked you to pray for her health (I’m have a feeling that it’s like a curse that need to be cut)
    She already received Jesus Christ as GOD and Savior in her life

    Further her name is Mrs Tio Hsiu Fei (53 years old)
    Nanfang Military Hospital (room no. 86337)
    Add: 1838 Guangzhou Dadao Bei Tel: 2061641888 (extension 86337)
    Many thanks for your great help in advance

  4. I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2009, had surgery in Jan 2010. I have a good prognosis and no tissue or lymph node involvement. I will be completing chemotherapy in late August and then it is just continuing to trust the Lord on a day by day basis. I have been blessed with so many people of many faiths (and no faith) praying on my behalf that I am awestruck. I was prepared to die but for whatever reason, I am here praying to know his will. If you have pancreatic cancer do not be afraid but burrow into the wings of your guardian angel and trust God to lead you and yours. thank him for his kindness in allowing you to suffer a little as Christ did. You are in my prayers.

  5. “I read an article about science finding an ancient body that suffered from cancer. Upon mentioning this to a friend of mine, he replied that, “Yes, that it is true, some people did have cancer long ago, but only those people who chose not to go to an alchemist”. When I expressed disbelief about his statement, he replied that long ago, alchemists were able to cure people of all forms of diseases by using alchemy. Then, he rapidly listed names and dates. He seemed quite knowledgeable and genuine”.

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