She Fought the Good Fight

Amy was diagnosed several years ago with breast cancer. She passed away today after a valiant struggle with this disease. She left behind a husband and four young children. She taught us all about facing and fighting the biggest of obstacles with courage and faith. Please pray for her family. Rest in peace, Amy, you have fought the good fight. We miss you already.

Going to Battle With Melanoma

It was a Divinely arranged moment, and in spite of the sadness of the occasion, it could have not been more perfect. We found out that our dear friend’s melanoma had returned on Tuesday. On Friday we had the opportunity to visit her. When we walked into her hospital room, she was alone. Her family had just left to go to dinner, and we had about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. We laughed, cried, reminisced, and prayed. She said that she had a win-win situation going on. If she got well, she won. On the other hand, if God took her home, she also won. Our precious friend had it exactly right, and her attitude was comforting and inspiring.
When I held her hand just as we were leaving, I knew I was seeing her face for the last time this side of heaven. The next morning, she slipped into a coma, and God took her home the next day.
I am so thankful that God arranged our special last moment together.

Hospice Foundation of America

Several months ago I was honored to be contacted by the Hospice Foundation of America. After reading some of my posts about my family’s experiences with feeding tubes and decisions involved with that issue, the HFA wanted to talk to me. They asked me to be part of a DVD they produce annually which provides training for hospice clinicians.
The interview lasted about two and a half hours, and I was completely emotionally and mentally drained at the end. I shared the entire story of my parent’s cancer, and discussed my mother’s feeding tube, as well as my father-in-law’s feeding tube. The filming was professionally done and I was respectfully treated.
A few weeks ago I received my copy of the DVD, and was very pleased with the way it ‘turned out’. It was well designed and professionally edited. My original interview was condensed and inserted into several places in the presentation,
I would like to thank the Hospice Foundation of America for including me in this project. It was a privilege and an honor. Perhaps some of the things I said will be helpful in the way clinicians work with hospice families as they work through the decisions involved with feeding tubes.