4. Scott and White, and Dr. Phil


I was the daughter designated to take my parents to Scott and White, because my sisters could not do it. I drove to their house the day before and slept in the spare bedroom. I remember now that was my last time to sleep in that room.

We left early that morning. My parents always wanted to leave early for trips. The trip was not worth taking unless you left in the early, early morning hours. It was going to be about a 4 hour drive, I think. Daddy’s appointment was at 10:00 that morning. Therefore, they wanted to leave a 4:30 a.m. !!!

Daddy rode in the back seat of the car and slept most of the way. Mother sat in the front seat and talked and talked and talked. For the entire trip. I know she did that to keep me awake. I wonder now if she got as tired of talking and I did of listening.

Mother always was a talker. All my life she talked. She talked all the time. There were so many times I wished she would just be quiet and let someone else talk.

When she first got sick, one of the things she quit doing was talking excessively. I missed it immediately. I longed for her continual talking.

Sometimes it is the things that drive us crazy that we miss the most. This was definitely true with me.

Daddy’s appointment at Scott and White that morning went as we expected. We saw the doctor. Daddy had some tests run. We left the hospital and were told to return in 2 days to see the doctor once again for test results and diagnosis. Let me say at this point that we found Scott and White to be an awesome diagnostic hospital. It seemed to be well organized and well run.

We left the hospital that first day and checked into our motel rooms. I got a separate room. After all, if I was going to spend 3 days with my parents, I at least wanted to have my own room. We got into our rooms about 3:00 p.m. I turned on the TV in my room just as Dr. Phil was coming on. Yea!!!!! It was not often I got to see Dr. Phil, but I always enjoyed his show when I did get to watch it. But not THAT day.

The topic of Dr. Phil’s show was CANCER, specifically breast cancer. Yes, God had plans. grrrrrrrr. I still wanted to pretend that Mother was fine so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the problem. And here it was in my face. Dr. Phil said all the things that I needed to hear. One of the things Dr. Phil said was the inspiration for the title of this blog. He said, “When one family member gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer.” I knew I had to talk to Mother.

Daddy’s diagnosis turned out to be something really uncommon. I don’t remember what it was, something to do with his muscles. The doctor proscribed prednisone and told him that he would get over this and feel much better soon. Wonderful!!!
It was not until the next evening that I finally approached the subject with Mother. She and I went to the mall shopping for what would be the last time-ever. I can’t remember how I brought up the subject. She admitted that something was wrong with her right breast. She was nice enough about it. Things went well, I thought. I told her that I was worried and suggested that she go to see a doctor and find what was wrong. She agreed.

Whew!!!! Got that done! It wasn’t so bad. I was rather proud of myself actually. I had finally gotten Mother to agree to go to a doctor. WRONG!!!

Tomorrow: anger and tears

One thought on “4. Scott and White, and Dr. Phil

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