DIV { MARGIN:0px;} It is not always devastating illness that tears our hearts apart and  brings us to our knees in prayer.  This prayer request is for a baby girl, Destiny,  and her family, sent to me by another long time friend.  Please take this prayer request to heart and fervently pray that God will keep intact this precious family.

After trying for about 7 years to conceive a child, my son and his wife were told that they would probably never be able to have thier own children.  They were given this news in October 2007.  In December 2007, CPS called them with the news that the mother of the little girl that have basicall raised since she was 18 months old (she is now 8 years old and they have full costory of her) had had another baby girl.  They were asked if they would consider taking her with the opportunity to adopt later.  Of course, they jumped at this and considered the baby a gift from God.  With their two little girls, their family was complete.  Then, in May, a young man in his early 20’s called them with the news that his father was also the baby’s father, and he would like to see his half sister.  My son and his wife agreed to let him see her.  At this first meeting, he told my son that he and his girl friend had no interest in having children at this time, but might consider having children later.  Just a few weeks later, the hammer fell as my son and his wife were given the news that this young man is going to pursue custody of they baby that have had since early January.  They have bonded with her, she with them, and the sisters love each other dearly.  There will be a trial August 2 to determine who will raise this precious baby girl.  Please pray that that the young man will abandon his pursuit and this thing will never have to go to trial, but, if he doesn’t, then please pray that God will give the judge wisdom, and that this family will not be destroyed by being torn apart.