When Your Child Has Cancer

 I know what it feels like to grieve when your parents are terminally ill.  I have not experienced (thankfully) and do not know what it feels like when you have a child that is terminally ill.

In our church we have a couple who lost a grandchild to cancer.  He was about 13, I believe, when he passed away. Another couple in our church has an adult daughter who has an agressive cancer and is only expected to live perhaps another year, maybe two. Another family in our community has a daughter who is a young adult, and she is gravely ill with cancer.

My husband I were discussing these families and others who have children with cancer.  I suddenly had questions.  Is the emotional anguish different when you have a child who is terminally ill rather than a parent or even a spouse?  Is it different if the child is young as opposed to an adult child?  How does a parent feel when they realize there is nothing that can be done and their child is not going to live?  I can imagine feelings, anger, helplessness, denial, but I am sure there is much more.

Readers, I would like input from you on this subject.  If you have experienced the grief that comes from losing a child, or if you have a child or grandchild who it terminally ill,  please comment and share with us, how you felt, and how you process through your grief.  Share with us words of wisdom and encouragement, because there may be a hurting parent who would be touched by them.


One thought on “When Your Child Has Cancer

  1. My 6-year-old granddaughter has brain cancer (medulloblastoma) which has also migrated to her spine. She came through the first surgery to remove the plum-sized tumor just fine. When she underwent another procedure to implant a shunt, she stopped talking. On the positive side, she is able to sit up, stand for a little while and feed herself a little. Needless to say, this has taken a terrible toll on her mom, her brother and her sisters. I live in a different state but I travel to be with them as often as possible to offer emotional, spiritual and as much financial support as I can.

    I have asked the Lord to heal her and the prayer warriors at my church continually lift her up in prayer. She has not started chemo yet but the radiation treatment has started. I make sure to keep a positive attitude when I visit and spend quality time with her siblings to help them understand and cope with her illness. I send her mom out for a little quality time on her own and lend a supportive and encouraging ear when she calls in tears. As a grandparent I feel helpless sometimes, especially since I can’t be there as much as I’d like to, but I will do as much as the Lord allows. I have started a blog that focuses on cancer information, research, cures, holistic and alternative treatments and included a Guestbook for anyone who would like to leave encouraging words for the family.


    To all the other families facing this challenge, look to the hills from whence cometh your help.

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