The Night Before…..Part 2

Donna’s rally continued all night, and what a night it was.  About 9:00 in the evening, she said, “Deb sing me a song! I replied with. “i don’t sing well. Darla’s the singer in the family.”  She wanted me to sing anyway. So I did.  I sang church hymns, and songs from our childhood. When I had depleted my repertoire of songs, we began to talk about TV shows, particularly cooking shows.  Donna was an encyclopedia of knowledge pertaining to cooking shows.  She knew all the back stories and gossip about all the chefs. Our conversation continued to the wee hours of the morning. I began to get very sleepy and found myself dozing in between sentences. When suddenly Donna exclaimed, “Deb, Sing!” Well, it wasn’t exactly a stellar performance, but I sang many of the same songs.  Even though I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, I knew this was most likely the last time I would be able to talk with my sister. I was right.

After having talked all night, the next day she once again became unresponsive.

Next post: Once again the Hospice Decision is Made


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