The Night Before……, Part 1

Donna remained in the transition section of the hospital for several days and was then moved to the long term care floor. Her extreme pattern of being awake for entire days, then sleeping for entire days continued.  One day i received a frantic phone call from Darla, letting me know that it appeared things were changing for Donna.  She had been asleep for many hours and her vital signs were changing.  As soon as possible i packed my bags and once again made the journey to the hospital.

As i traveled that evening, Darla called me several times. She told me that Donna was stabilizing somewhat, but was still basically unresponsive.  Darla and another family friend were in Donna’s room when I arrived.  They had the TV going and were trying to have normal conversation, because it was possible that Donna could hear and understand what was being said. Soon Donna began to move her head as if she was listening and responding to what we said.  Then suddenly, she  asked a question about the movie on TV! We about flipped out.  Slowly, bit by bit, she began to talk and talk and talk.

It was decided that I would spend the night with her.  The night before…..


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