The Downward Spiral Begins

After five nights in Critical Care, Donna was moved onto a transition floor in the hospital. She seemed to be improving, or so we thought. Because of the severe infection in one of her heart valves, Donna was taking strong antibiotics. Her blood pressure was stabilizing. However, every nurse that came in said something about her being very sick. One nurse stated that they had previously had a few patients that recovered from endocarditis, but they were patients that were otherwise healthy. No one was giving us much hope for her recovery.
Donna’s mind was still, well, all over the place. She could remember phone numbers. She could recall things I had told her the day after her heart attack. On the other hand she would do things like put phantom salt on a phantom sandwich she was supposedly holding in her hands. Oh, dear.
She would talk for hours and hours. She would stay awake all night talking. Then when she was given medicine to help her relax, she would sleep for hours and hours. It was a wild pendulum swing. This continued day after day.


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