Tony Snow: His Battle is Over, His Victory is Won

Tony Snow was a role model for how to live, how to work and how to die.

I first became aware of this interesting man when he would fill in for Rush Limbaugh. I enjoyed listening to his political perspective which became more authentic to me when I listened to him talk about his life and his family. He just seemed to be a very ‘real’ person, with no facade, no phoniness in his heart. I thought of him as a person who was exactly the same whether he was surrounded by important dignitaries or common folk. He was who he was.

One of my most vivid memories of Tony Snow was his discussion of the kitchen fire in their home that had occured late one night after everyone had gone to bed. I know he gave vivid descriptions of the events, but what stuck in my memory was his discussion of being questioned by the fire department investigators about the fire, because he had been the last one to bed, the last one in the kitchen that night. Tony talked about how it felt to be grilled and to be considered suspect in that fire. Of course, he was not at fault. That fire was one of life’s events that just happened. Again, his sharing this moment in his life with us, confirmed his authenticity in my mind.

Tony taught us how to die. As he lived out his life before us, his Colan cancer diagnosis, his treatment, his cancer return, and ultimately his death, we observed the grace, dignity, optimism and faith which characterized Tony’s life, also characterized his death.

Log on to this Christianity Today written by Tony Snow for an amazing perspective on cancer and it’s unexpected blessings.

Thank you, Father, for Tony Snow. Thank you for allowing us to learn from his life, his faith, and his death. Bless Ton’s family with your Presence and your Peace during this difficult time. In the name of our Savior, Amen.


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