One of Life’s Hardest Moments-Burying a Son

As the age of 43 he was way too young to die, but he did.  We had his funeral in our church this morning.  The room was filled to capacity.  The service was officiated by his stepbrother who said, “I always figured that as a minister i would be presiding over the funerals of my brothers, but I never expected, never imagined that I would be doing it so soon.

The father of the man who passed away is a member of our church.  Seeing his broken heart broke my heart. He is walking down a very difficult path, one of life’s hardest, I believe.  There is nothing that can be said or done that will ease the pain. Nothing that can bring back his child. Nothing.

I know that this father’s faith in God is real and strong, and I learned during the funeral that the man who passed away had trusted Christ and is therefore, in heaven.  Time will pass and though the father will not ever get ‘over it, he will get through it’.

Father, as this father grieves for his Son, I am reminded of the grief you must have felt when your Son died.  Because you understand the depth of his sadness, give comfort to this father and the rest of the family.


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