What Do We Need? Prayers and Support

Prayers.  Knowing that your name or the name of your loved one is being lifted up in prayer to our Father during a time of crisis gives incredible emotional support to patients and their families.  Precious friends and acquaintances would ask me, “How can I pray for you and your family?” when we were walking the cancer path.  My immediate response was, “Pray that God will give us wisdom and strength”.  Wisdom so that we can make the right decisions for our parents and strength to face the physical and emotional needs of the day.  Oh, what a difference their prayers made.  As I have written previously, even though I was often the only one standing by my father or mother’s hospital bed in the middle of the night, I never felt alone.  God’s Presence was always there.

Support. More often than not, families need things when they are traveling down the path of cancer or other terminal illness.  They need information.  They need home health equipment.  They need appropriate clothing for  their ill one. They need food. They need transportation. They need. They need.

I will begin a discussion of various organizations that I have encountered which endeavor to meet those needs.  Most of the time these are not for profit organizations which desire to minister to patients and the families who love them.

Feel free to become part of the discussion by way of comment, sharing the names of and information about organizations in your area which seek to meet the needs of the ill.


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