Update on the Captain and First Mate

It is truly a blessing to know Don and Jo Ann.  Having them home and in our Sunday School class was wonderful.  They continually glow with the joy and presence of the Lord.  I received this update yesterday.

GREETINGS PRAYER WARRIORS: We returned to Houston today after two blessed weeks at home. God blessed us in so many ways at home. Seeing our sweet family, praising God with our church family, and sleeping in our own bed are just a few of the blessings. God is so good!!!!!!!

We did blood work as soon as we could get to the Clinic. The platelets were 20. Thank God! We did not need a transfusion. Yea! We talked to the nurse and she said that she would talk to the Dr. tomorrow morning and call us about when to come in for blood work and meet with him. Pray that God will guide the Dr. in making the decision about whether to give the Captain another treatment or let us go home,
We do not know what is best and are putting this totally in God’s hands.

We are going to get some much needed R & R. Our trip home was wonderful, but very, very busy. We are really tired. Thank you all for your prayers and your loving concern.

God loves you and we love you too,

Captain and Mate


One thought on “Update on the Captain and First Mate

  1. Family is so important when you have caner. If I wouldn’t have the support of my family, I don’t know if I would be still alive.

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