Another Update for Captain Hook

I just received another update on Don and Jo Ann.  Thank you for your prayers for these precious people.  God is not just guiding them.  It is as if He is paving the road.  Thank you, God, your blessed grace and strength which you give so freely to Don and Jo Ann.  I pray that your Presence will continue to abide with them as they continue their cancer journey.

“Ahoy Prayer Warriors, We came to the Clinic this morning at 8:00 and had blood drawn. We went to the cafeteria for breakfast and then went to the Infusion Unit and had the nurse put a new dressing on the CVC line in Don’s chest. The dressing has to be changed every four days. The report on the blood work was good (A wonderful answer to prayers PRAISE GOD!). The white blood cell count was up, which means that Don’s immune system is up enough that he is not as susceptible to infections as he was. The platelet count was 10, which means that Don will need a transfusion of platelets. We are now waiting for the transfusion.

We are planning on going home tomorrow for a few days. We will need to watch the platelet count while we are home. We are not sure what the treatment plan will be, but trust that God will lead the Dr. in making the decision. He is in control of this journey and we are blessed to be in His loving hands. We think we will be home for nine or ten days. We will not do another UPDATE until we return to Houston.

We want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS. We are looking forward to coming home and telling everyone we see how much we love and appreciate them.




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