Another Captain Hook Update

This update on Don, aka Captain Hook, just arrived. It is getting harder and harder for his body to tolerate the chemo treatments. Please pray for Don and Jo Ann. This has been and will continue to be a long journey for them.

“God is good all the time!!!! All the time God is Goooooood! :<) :<) How are all of you prayer warriors? We pray that each one of you have received a wonderful blessing today. Did you look for it????

Sunday we visited South Main Baptist Church (The church that is providing our apartment). It is a beautiful church and we were able to express our appreciation for the loving apartment ministry. We met some of the volunteers that work in the “Sojourn Ministry”. They are dedicated to providing a home for the cancer patients at MD Anderson. I know it has blessed us and we Thank God for SMBC and their ministry.

We came to the clinic today for blood work. We did the blood work at 12:00 and finallllllly got a report at 5:00. The Captain’s platelets dropped to 5. (5,000) They scheduled a platelet transfusion for 9:00 to night. We hope we get out by 12:00. The other counts were not low enough to require a blood transfusion. We will have blood work again on Thursday. We are asking you to pray that God led the Dr. as he makes the decision about the next one or two treatments. We know that we are in God’s hands and we rejoice in knowing that He loves us and will lead us through this journey.

We want to thank all of you for your love and prayers. It is wonderful hearing from home…….we miss you all.

God bless with smooth sailing, Captain and Mate”


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