Another Captain Hook and First Mate Update

Hello Prayer Warriors:) 🙂 🙂 I just wanted to send an update on the ole Captain. He is taking the last of the chemo drugs. Yea!!!! His hemoglobin count dropped today and they just brought one of two units of blood that will be transfused. It will take about five to six hours. He is also taking Mesna, a fluid that will protect the kidneys and bladder. I know that all of this sounds bad, but he is really doing good. As we walk and visit with the many patients or care givers, we stop and thank God for His constant blessings. God’s grace is such a wonderful gift. It does not matter what our circumstances are His grace will sustain us. When I think of God’s amazing grace, I always think of our sweet Sage. He was such a clear, beautiful picture of Amazing Grace. He radiated the love of God to everyone he touched. I pray that we will radiate that same love to everyone meet.

God bless you all and thank you for your prayers, Captain and Mate


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