The Latest on Captain Hook

I received these updates yesterday and today.  Within their words you can feel their peace with the seriousness of Don’s illness because of their trust in God and His care.  Don’s sense of humor is also evident when he writes.  His ability to laugh, joke and tease has made a huge difference in their outlook, I think.

March 28, update

“Well folks here we go with the last treatment(maybe).The Dr. told us yesterday that if my counts come back quick that he might give me one more treatment. We told him that was his call and not ours. We are just praying that GODS will will be done in this. All you cousin’s out there remember when I was a ornery and mean little boy, well you have to be meaner than a junk yard dog to go thru all this mess. I am asking all you out there to just pray that GOD’S will be done in this. To all our friends in good ole’ Big Spring Texas a big howdy from Houston Texas. Just sitting here waiting for them to get our room ready. I will let Jo Ann say a few words and don’t believe a word she says.

I will make this short and sweet because time is about to expire on this session. When it expires, you lose everything you have written.
I will update again after we get in a room.”

March 28, update

God is Good All The Time!!!! We were admitted into the hospital tonight at 8:15. They did blood work as soon as we got into the room so that they could check the platelet level. When the nurse got the blood report, she came in and told us that the platelet count was 59. She called our Dr. and he decided to give Don a platelet transfusion tonight and start the first chemo drug tomorrow morning. Our Dr. is on the Clinical Team this week and will be coming by to see us everyday. We are happy about that. Don is feeling good and ready to get the treatment started. We will get to sleep better tonight because the transfusion does not last as long as the chemo does.

We Praise God for His loving care through out this journey. Thank you all for your prayers. Please pray for smooth sailing through this treatment.

God bless you all, Captain and Mate

March 29, update

The good Lord has given us another beautiful day. The ship has docked and the Captain is picking on the nurses. We were able to rest last night. The Dr. came by this morning and told us that he had decided to start the treatment today. The first drug is called Retuxin. It takes six to seven to complete. Don has tolerated the drug well in the past. We have walked this morning and now we are waiting for the nurse to start the drug. As we were walking, we walked around the Children’s section. They are so precious and truly remind us of God’s angels. It allows us to see other’s problems and realize how blessed we are to be where we are in this journey. God has given us today and our prayer is that we might allow others to see Him in our walk.

Thank you and God bless each of you for your prayers. Remember to keep your light on – you never know when you will meet someone going through a storm.

Love, Captain and Mate


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