Update on Don (Captain Hook)

This is an update which comes through the CarePages from MD Anderson Hospital. Don and Jo Ann returned to Houston yesterday. Their updates are always fun and uplifting. Don is also known as Captain Hook and Jo Ann is the First Mate.

“AHOY to all of our faithful prayer warriors!!!! We were blessed with sixteen days at home and it was wonderful. We are so blessed with a wonderful family, a praying church family and pastor, and friends that have lifted us up to the Heavenly Father. THANK YOU!!! I thought that the ole Captain would be nicer after the break, but I was wrong. He is still a mess – I will just ask for an extra cup of GRACE each day.

We came to the Clinic as soon as we arrived in Houston. We had blood work done and than waited for the report. The report showed the platelet count was up to 48. THANK GOD!!! The nurse made an appointment for Thursday to have blood work done and scheduled admission into the hospital, if the platelets are high enough.

God bless you all,



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