Not “Cancer Survivor”, but “Cancer Warrior”

    When my grandmother, Mom, was in the hospital by back in September and October, I met a lady who defines the term “Cancer Warrior”.  I don’t remember her name or any specifics about where she lives.  However, I did get permission to write about her in my blog.  For whatever reason, I just had not written about her until now.

This amazing woman has gone to battle with cancer 39 times and each time has been victorious!  I can not give you the info about all the different types of cancer she has had, and undoubtedly many of those cancers are related.  I learned about her when I met her daughter in the hospital cafeteria, and then I visited her in her hospital room.

I found her to be a strong spirited woman with a quick smile and a hearty laugh.  Her ready sense of humor was immediately evident and has no doubt contributed to her ability to deal with the stress of having cancer time after time.  She also showed strength of spirit and determination to live and love life to its fullest.  There was not a hint of self pity in her speech.  Instead she had a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude for every day she lived.  She was totally amazing.

Her husband was equally amazing.  He also had  a great sense of humor.  However, what I saw in him was a determination that she would not die from cancer.  He was her support and sometimes her advocate.  He researched her cancers and became a source of knowledge for her.  His own health problems did not take away his attention from her.  However, I did not get any indication that he was neglecting his own health at all.  I think he realized that he could best help his wife, if he were healthy.

Meeting this family was definitely a God moment for me.  I don’t know where they are at this time, and as I mentioned above, I don’t remember their names, but they impacted my life and gave me a new understanding of what it means to go to battle with this disease we call Cancer.


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