Teach Your Children How to Make Good Decisions

    Why?  Because one day they will be making decisions for you.  Yes.  That is the reality of life.  If your children outlive you, then one day they will begin to make decisions on your behalf.

For some families it happens gradually.  The parents slowly lose their ability to decide the large, then the small day to day dilemmas.   For other families, this transition is almost shockingly quick.  Seemingly one day the parents are self-sufficient and handling life as it comes, and the next they need help making a grocery list.

This became reality for me when my parents had cancer.  I suddenly found myself making decisions that they had made for themselve just days earlier.  Big Decisions.  Small Decisions.   Decisions that would be difficult for me to make for myself, and here I am making those decisions for my parents.

It was a shock to realize that my parents were no longer capable of handling life on their own and would probably never be able to again.  Coming quickly on the heels of this shocking realization was a second equally shocking one.

One day my children will be making decisions for me. Big decisions. Small decisions. One day I will no longer be capable of handling life on my own.   I am not being pessimistic, just realistic.

Therefore, teaching your children how to make good decisions is not only in their best interest, it is in yours as well!


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