I Have No More Gall

It has been a few days since I have posted on this blog because I had my gall bladder removed on Dec. 7.  The surgery went very well…..arthroscopic is the way to go…. and I am on the recovery road.  An ultrasound in 2006 uncovered stones in my gall bladder, and I made plans to have gall bladder surgery then. However, my husband’s fall from a ladder changed those plans in an instant.  Last month I realized that since I had met my ‘out of pocket’ limit for this year, it would be less expensive for me to have my gall bladder taken out before the end of December.

The surgery was done in Lubbock, not at the hospital, but at a surgical center nearby.  My check-in time was 6:30 a.m. and surgery was scheduled for 7:30 a.m.  For this facility 7:30 meant exactly that…..7:30.  By 8:40 I was out of recovery and by 10:30 I had been dismissed.  All very fast.  However, this surgical center was excellent.  I can not think of one thing that is negative to say about the facility, the staff, or my care.  It was a very calm atmosphere and I did not at all feel that I was part of ‘an assembly line’.  They treated me with dignity and respect.

This surgery has not really been difficult for me.  The pain has been moderate, and I have had very little nausea. It has however, left me feeling weak and somewhat irritable.  My senior Mary Kay director shared some wisdom with me that was right on target for this situation.

She said that the problem with gall bladder surgery is that it is confusing to the mind and system.  We normally associate surgery with acute pain and suffering.  Because I am not experiencing that, my mind wants to dismiss the fact that I have had surgery.  My body has been traumatized, however, and is feeling weak and tired.  I must allow myself to heal and regain the strength on it’s on terms.

Yesterday I was the ‘queen’ and my throne was the couch or my bed.  I finished reading a book, did more crochet, slept, and played with our puppy.  That is it.  Today I feel better and have put on makeup and gotten dressed.  Still weak and tired, again, better than yesterday.

By the way, I am still having my cocoa!

Compared to the critical illnesses in the lives of others around me, gall bladder surgery is, well, almost nothing.  I know that in a few days or weeks my strength will be back, my incisions (4 little ones) will be healed, and my life will once again return to its normal level of activity.  This too shall pass.


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