The Sands of Time

What is time? We can’t see it.  We can’t hold it in my hands.  We can’t smell it or eat it.  We can’t stop it, start it, speed it up, or slow it down.  We have no power over time.  None. Nothing we can do changes the relentless flow of the sands of time through the hourglass of our lives.

We can not call it back.  There are no “do overs” of a year, month, week, day, or even moment of our lives.  Once the time is gone, there is no calling it back.  We have only one chance to use our time wisely.

The last several years have given me a new perspective on my life. Reality check: I have learned that for each of us, myself included, one day our time on earth will be gone.  That is it. Done.  I am not being morbid and negative here.  Just stating facts.

In fact, I believe that once we accept the reality that our time here has a definite end, and each day we live brings us one day closer to THAT day, we will begin to truly live our lives to the fullest.  Enjoying the wonderful moments that God gives us. Cherishing time with our family.  Using opportunities to touch the lives of those around us.  Preparing for THAT  unavoidable day.

With this truth firmly planted in our hearts and minds, let’s live our lives with joy, and with purpose, making the most of the time we are given each day to experience and share with others God’s love and grace.


One thought on “The Sands of Time

  1. This is an amazing cancer story.

    Last Janurary my friend’s husband was diagnosed with astrocytoma grade IV, a very aggressive form of cancer. He immediately started treatment at a famous cancer-treatment hospital, best doctors, latest chemo drugs, everything. He still went downhill fast, was losing weight, and wouldn’t eat.

    By coincidence overweight me had just started a new diet. I love & crave sweets too much when I diet, so this new diet called “The Cardiologist’s Wife’s Chocolate too Diet: No Sugar, No Fat & Luscious” appealed. Yay, I can eat chocolate.

    But surprise, the book emphasizes the healing power of unsweetened cocoa, which the authors say is the TOP antioxidant, 29 times more potent than broccoli. Hmmm…I thought. Antioxidants help prevent cancer, right? So, could they possibly help cancer already started? The book says that in 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa there are 4,000 antioxidants…more than tons of blueberries, green tea, etc. I told my friend to start pushing these super-antioxidants into her husband. He wouldn’t eat, so we concocted smoothies using the cocoa. Plus she was sprinkling cocoa on anything he’d eat.

    Since she started, his…tumor…has…shrunk. Docs are stunned, asking HER how she did it, starting studies on it.
    Just read the Amazon page on this book, then you can google more about the healing powers of unsweetened cocoa. I’m euphoric. My friend’s husband is getting better! P.S. Make sure you get the natural, non-alkalinized (Dutch process) kind. We all use Hershey’s, the little brown box. But any natural brand will do. Alkalinization destroys the antioxidants.

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