Home Sweet Home

This email came from Dot, Wayne’s sister a couple of days ago. We are thrilled that Wayne and Glynn will be able to celebrate Christmas at home and with us, their church family.

Hope all of our friends and family had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we here in West Texas did. God was so good to us and sent us the most beautiful snow I think I have ever seen. We had from 6 to 8 inches. It snowed all day on Thanksgiving Day and it really was good to know everyone was not traveling and could just enjoy it. What a blessing it was to have family together, except our Mom couldn’t be here because of the weather. Everyone went to visit her the next day though and that pleased her.

Wayne and Glynn called and they will be finishing up at Baylor on Wednesday and heading home on Thursday, Praise The Lord they don’t have to go back. He can do the other round of chemo in Midland and it is sometime after Christmas. They are just really excited today. I talked with them earlier and they were whooping and hollering on the phone!!! They love their home so much and are so ready to return to it to stay. They are so very grateful for Preston and Seanna for making them feel so at home while they were there. The Lord sure did bless them all during these past few months. We are just continuing to thank God for Wayne being able to enjoy the holiday as much as he did. As you can see in the picture he is looking very good as you consider what he has been thru. God is Good!!

Everyone put on your Christmas smiles and begin to decorate for the holiday. Let’s all get in that Wonderful Christmas Spirit as we remember that Jesus is our Saviour and Lord and without Him we would be nothing.

I love you each and everyone,



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