Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

This year we took a day trip to Lubbock for Thanksgiving, spending the holiday with Mary, my husband’s 85 year old mother.  Our son, daughter, and son-in-law were with us.  Lisa and I prepared the meal yesterday and took it with us.  It snowed all day giving the trees and yards a ‘winter wonderland’ appearance.   The calm, quiet day was very enjoyable, and then we traveled home.

My first thoughts this Thanksgiving morning were, “I’m thankful that we had no family funerals this year.”  We could have easily had two.

The day after Thanksgiving last year Rick, my husband, fell from a ladder, breaking both ankles and the fibulia in his right leg.  When he fell he went forward, landing on first his feet, then his hands and knees.  He could gone backwards, hitting his head on the concrete.  The injuries then would have probably been fatal.  Yes.  I am thankful…..

Then Mom, my grandmother, was so very sick and at the age of 96, none of us thought she would pull through.  But she did.  I took her to the doctor this week.  His first comments were…”You never discount the power of answered prayer”.  She is doing great!  Yes. I am thankful…..


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