Feeling the Effects of Chemo and Radiation

 I realized that chemo can cause a metallic taste in the mouths of cancer patients, giving them no desire to eat or drink anything.  This ‘taste’ makes everything taste horrible which adds to the misery of the nausea.

I did not realize that there was a stench, a burned smell, which also fills the nostrils of those undergoing treatment for cancer.  It is possible that this smell is caused by radiation.

I can not imagine how miserable this must be…..nausea, metallic taste, and smelling a continual burned odor.

God’s Grace is sufficient for this moment also.  Wayne and Glynn are openly and courageously allowing us to watch and learn about God’s sufficient grace.  One day  each of us will come to the places in our lives when we will need to experience that Grace for ourselves.

This is Dot’s email updating Wayne’s condition.

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give an update on Wayne.  For the past 3 days Wayne has not felt good at all.  He has lots of dizziness and nausea.  He has not had his treatments since Wednesday.  The doctor has ordered IV feedings for the last 3 days.  He has been very weak.  He has a very foul stinch that he smells and it makes him sick to smell any thing cooking, even boiling water.  They did his Electralights today at the hospital and all of his labs came back good.  They are telling him that it is just the effects of the chemo and radiation taking their toll on him.  They are letting him rest for the rest of this week to help his body get built up again.  We would like for you to pray that he can begin again on Monday with his treatments.  Glynn said she feels like if they don’t that it is just giving the cancer a chance to grow some more and she wants it gone!!  Be much in prayer for her as she waits upon Wayne and helps to keep his spirits up.  They both missed so much not getting to come home again as they planned.  We are hoping that they can be home for Thanksgiving.

Once again thank you all for your prayers, cards and phone calls.  They have been very touched by it all.

Love to you all,



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