Must We Be Strong For Each Other?

Wayne and Glynn were home this past weekend,  giving them chance to rest a little bit, and giving us a chance to see them at church.  Wayne, while showing some of the ‘wear and tear’ of chemo and radiation on his body through weight loss and general weakness, is holding up well.  They both had so much to share with us, and we, their Sunday School class family, were eager to hear about how God is leading and providing for them.

I learned that Wayne’s cancer, while being named pancreatic cancer, is actually on the outside of his pancreas.  It is located behind and is attached to his pancreas, and it is wrapped around nerves.  It is inoperable at this time, but the hope is that the chemo and radiation treatments will shrink the tumor enough to make it operable.

This has been an interesting time for us as a Sunday School Class.  We are all different in our views of crisis and how we react to it, but we all want to be supportive.

There was a comment made by one member and when she reads this post, she will recognize it.  Her comment to Glynn was, “Glynn, you don’t have to be strong for Wayne.  We are all here and we can be strong for you.”  I believe I understand what she was communicating to Glynn.  She was saying, “Glynn, you are not by yourself.  Our prayers are with you, and we want to help carry the burden.”  She is correct.  Because we love Wayne and Glynn, we want so very much to walk this path with them, holding them and supporting them.

I have thought about the statement, “Glynn, you don’t have to be strong for Wayne,” and I somewhat disagree. In my opinion, there have been and will be many times when Glynn must be strong for Wayne.   She will at times be alone standing alone with him when he needs encouragement, when there are decisions to be made, when he is in pain,  and so much more.

She will have to be strong and ‘clear headed’ as she does these things alone.  However, we all know that she is not and will not be alone.  She may be the only one standing there, but she is not alone.  Glynn has and is allowing God to give her the strength to meet these very difficult moments.  She is finding his Grace to be Sufficient for each moment.  Grace to be strong for moments where strength is required.  Grace for moments when weakness and tears are necessary.

It is my prayer that each of us learn to allow God’s ‘Sufficient Grace for the moment’ to be Present in our lives.


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