When Pancreatic Cancer Turns Your World Upside Down, Prayer Makes a Difference

The following email arrived this morning.  It was good to get this update about Wayne.  He and Glynn are the perfect role model for walking down this horrific cancer path, holding hands with each other and with God.  They are not alone.  In addition to God’s Presence at every test, procedure, and treatment, we, their church family, are also beside them standing in solidarity, supporting them with our prayers, our thoughts, and our love.

Good Morning everyone,

What a wonderful day here in West Texas.  Sure does feel nice and breezy our side, about 57 degree.  Wanted to thank everyone for praying so much for Wayne and Glynn.  They can certainly tell your prayers are being heard by the way that Wayne is feeling right now.  For the past 2 days he has felt really good.  He has gained about 4 lbs since he doesn’t have that pain that takes his appetite away.  Yesterday was frustrating day for them.  The computer wasn’t working properly so he couldn’t do radiation, seems there is always something but he is doing chemo since Monday.  They see the doctor again today.   I think things look positive for now.  Haven’t talked to him since late Tuesday but he sounded like he is eating every think he can get his hands on, Praise the Lord!!  If all continues to go well they will be home on Friday evening.  We are so ready to see them again.  2 weeks seems soooo long, huh?

Love to you all,

The Ditto’s


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