Cancer and Pain

 This email came from Dot, Wayne’s sister, yesterday.  Please read my comments below.

Ok everyone, I am finally sitting down long enough to get an update on Wayne & Glynn out.  On Monday afternoon Wayne had to have a new stint put in.  The mesh one was barely dripping any bile out.  One good thing about that was that the doctor looked at the tumor situation again.  It is still the size it was and not anywhere else.  That was a very good thing.  The doctor still thinks that the cancer cells had blocked off the stint.  We will take that, right?  Before his surgery he was in lots of pain and they had to give him 2 demarol shots.  He did not eat a thing all day yesterday and when I talked with him this morning he had only had a banana.  I think his weight loss is really bothering him.   He was still hurting really bad around 8:30 when he called me.  He said he did not think he could do this and I really had to do some talking and trying to build him up.  He was really far down with his pain.  Glynn called me around 11:00 today and said they had given him a shot of morphine and then they changed his pain meds to a stronger dosage.  Whatever they gave him should last for 12 hours instead of 4.  I know Glynn is really having to fuss with him to keep him from wanting to just give up, but he has to keep looking down the road and toward that light at the end of the tunnel.  Please call them and give them words of encouragement and hope.  Wayne doesn’t need sympathy, he needs building up.  Please don’t be afraid to call because you just might be the person he needs to talk to at that down time.  We love you all and thanks you over and over for being here for them, as well as for me and Loy.  You are all in our prayers also.

I know the plan I have for you says the Lord…

To give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Hope in the Lord is what Wayne and Glynn need right now!!


As I write this post, commenting on what is currently happening with Wayne, I fully realize that I have not walked in his shoes.  I do not know first hand; I have not experienced the level of pain that he is having.  I have not personally faced his grim prognosis.   My comments are based solely on my parents experiences and my observations of their days of pain.

No one wants to hurt even a little.  We will do many things to make pain stop.  We will spend money, and travel to far away places in search of relief from pain. Pain changes our attitude and outlook.  It can make us grumpy and cranky.  We are not much fun to be around when we are hurting.

Pain, serious pain, excruciating pain, pain that goes above the 1-10 scale, is frightening.  I am sure that Wayne is frightened.  Not of dying.  He has that base covered.  When he passes from this life, he will be with the Lord.  No, he is in the midst of pain and can not see a way to make it stop.  His desire to ‘give up’ comes from a desire to make the pain cease.  Because we are on the “outside of Wayne’s pain” we understand, we know the doctors will be able to give him relief, and from the email above, we know that Wayne did get relief.  However, because the pain was so severe, he is afraid that it will come back and indeed it may.    Wayne is a big strong man.  He has always considered himself to be a “man’s man”.  He has always had very good health and has been in control of his life.  Now everything in his world is spiraling out of control, and the pain is more than he can handle.   I can understand those feelings of dispair, can’t you?

Again, I have no first hand, personal experience here, but this is how I see Wayne’s pain situation.  His pain is temporary.  If God is gracious and  Wayne’s pancreatic cancer goes into remission, the pain will decrease and probably completely disappear.  If the cancer is not cured and Wayne goes to be with the Lord, the pain will immediately be gone.  Either way, the pain is temporary.  These comments do not show a lack of sympathy for Wayne, but perhaps a perspective that might give comfort to him, his family, and readers of this blog who might be walking down the same path.


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