Be Nice to Them—They Carry Needles!

This last month I have spent 10 nights with Mom, my grandmother, at the hospital, and 2-3 days a week with her at the skilled nursing facility.  Once again my respect for nurses and related medical staff has been renewed.  They work long hours, have many serious responsibilities, and still make time to do the small things to help make patients comfortable. They fluff the pillow an extra time.  They put on socks and take off socks.  They wipe posteriors for precious little old folk who can’t do it for themselves.  Yes, I am amazed at the ladies and gentlemen who work day after day with a caring spirit and kind heart.  I know there must times when they are fatigued, but they do their best to not show it when they walk into our room.  They work with a smile and caring hands no matter how stressed they may feel on the inside.

Yes, I admit there are nurses who should not be nurses.  I have seen them also.  I am not talking about them.  In every profession you will find people who should find some other job.  I choose not focus on them.  They are few in number and do not influence my feeling about medical professionals as a whole.

When I am in a hospital setting with someone, my parents, my husband, my mother-in-law, or my grandmother, it is my desire to become part of the team, working as one with the nurses and aides to care for my loved one.  I help get ice and water. I help the nurses when my family member needs to be repositioned in bed.  I do the things I can to help free up the nurses and aides so they will have time to do the things I can’t.

I like to get to know these caring angels, building relationships and even friendships with them.  I want them to get to know me, but more importantly, I want them to know my family member.

I want them to understand that my presence is not a threat to them. I am not there to evaluate their work or try to catch them if they make a mistake.  As I said, I am part of the team.

Next blog: What if the nurses do make a mistake?


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