The Chemo Has Begun for Wayne

 This email came from Dot, Wayne’s sister.  She shares not just some of the events of this week, but also the feelings, and some of the struggles.  She also shares the pride and love she feels for her brother and the way he is completely trusting in God’s Love and Care in his cancer crisis.

Well, Wayne & Glynn are once again on their way home for the week-end. Wayne said that at least it breaks up the routine of the week!You never know from day to day how things are going to take place. I talked to him this morning round 9:00 and he was so great sounding.

Said his itching was better and other related things with the bile duct were better. He is hoping that the stint is opening up on it’s own. But he still thinks that he would rather have the procedure done on Monday so that it is not something he has to continually worry with. He is learning that what he eats effects him greatly and that he has to just simply behave himself and not eat what makes him sick. He has just always been able to eat what ever he wanted and so this is a hard lesson for him to learn. But OH My, I feel so privileged to have him for a brother. He is so uplifting to me and just has such a good attitude and testimony of what God is doing in his life. That should be what it is all about. What a lesson for all of us to learn. To bad we wait for these kind of things to happen, but as the song “Through It All” says,”If we never had a problem, we wouldn’t know that God could solve them, we would never know what faith in God could do”.

Once again thanks to everyone of our friends and family for your love and prayers. We are all here for you guys too if you need us.

Love you all,





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