Why Does It Have to Take So Long?

Please, God, give me patience.  No, don’t give me patience.  Make everyone hurry up!!!

You have been diagnosed with cancer.    You may have had to make appointments with several different doctors and wait for the appointments.  It may have taken several medical tests and several weeks or months even, before the diagnosis came.  Once you finally know that this thing, this cancer is in your body, growing and destroying your body. You want to start treatment immediately.  I mean, right now.  Not tomorrow. Not next week. Right now.  Every day with no treatment is a day that the cancer grows unchecked.  What do you mean, I have to wait for one more test, one more appointment, one more doctor? No. Right now.  On the outside you are trying to be calm, civil, and understanding. On the inside you are screaming, and perhaps even cursing, trying to get everyone to understand that you don’t want to wait.  Oh, my, it is so hard.

Wayne has had his cancer diagnosis for a month.  His pancreatic cancer is agressive and inoperable.  His radiation treatments just began this past Wednesday and chemo begins on Monday.  Wait, wait, wait.  There have been all kinds of reasons for delays, trying to get in to see certain doctors, waiting to see if he would be admitted into an experimental chemo program, waiting to get the port put in his shoulder, getting the markings for the radiation treatments, and the lastest delay, having to have a stint put in to open up his bile duct.  So, again, chemo treatment finally begins on Monday….unless there are more roadblocks.

How do you handle delays when this thing…this cancer….is still growing….is still growing….is still growing.

There are no easy answers here.  I think there are times when you must stay ‘on top of things’.  You must remain assertive…..”nicely assertive”.  You must make phone calls and ask questions.  “Have the test results come in yet?”  “What is the soonest appointment you have?”  Will you call me if someone cancels their appointment so I can get in sooner?” Ask questions.

Then there are times when you must accept the fact that everyone involved in your medical case is doing everything they can to make sure you start your treatment ASAP.  Even when ASAP seems to be taking longer than you would like.  In those cases, there is nothing you can say or do that will make any difference, and so, once again, you place your illness in God’s hands, in His Care. You wait, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient for this also.


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