Waterproof mascara.  Yep.  That’s what I need to start wearing to church again.  If you have read previous posts on Wayne, then you know that his pancreatic cancer is inoperable and aggressive. You also know that God is being glorified through the lives of Wayne and his wife, Glynn, as they walk down this cancer path.  Our church has been touched and revival has begun.

This morning Wayne was in Sunday School. He  stood in front of our class and taught just as he has done for years.  He said, “Yes. I want to be healed.  But most of all I want God to be glorified.” Wayne shared with us the ‘pity party’ he had a couple of days ago.  He cried and prayed. He felt sorry for himself and for Glynn.  He cried some more.  He prayed some more.  Then as he was praying, he felt the voice of God saying, “Wayne, I am not through with you yet.”  Just a few minutes later Wayne received a phone call from his niece and the first thing she said was “Wayne, God is not through with you yet.”

That was so very evident this morning during Sunday School and again during church. Wayne and Glynn sang, “It Is No Secret What God Can Do”.  At the end of the service, during the invitation (if you are Baptist, then you know what an invitation is), Wayne left the choir loft, went to one of our youth that was saved on Wednesday night.  Wayne put his arm around this young man and talked quietly, sharing the love of God and encouraging him to make a profession of faith which he did.

As I watched Wayne minister to this young man, I realized something.  All of us will be in Wayne’s shoes one day.  Facing a life-threatening, perhaps life-taking illness.  That is, unless we meet death due to an accident, heart attack, or something very swift. One day I will be in Wayne’s shoes.  Oh, I hope. I pray that during that season of my life, God will be able to continue to use me to share His Love, His Grace, His saving power right up to the end of my days on earth.

My 96 year old grandmother is recovering from her illness, and Wayne is facing life threatening pancreatic cancer.  God is being glorified in both situations.


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