The Latest on Wayne

I received these two emails today. Needless to say, Wayne and Glynn did not receive the news they wanted concerning experimental chemo. However, God has not left them. He is giving them strength and is being glorified through Wayne’s cancer.

Dear Elaine,
Thought I had better let you know how things are going. Well not so good.
We got news from Dallas yesterday that Wayne will not be taking
experimental chemo. Our hearts sank, but there must be a reason for this.
He will start radiation and what is called 5FU chemo this coming Monday at
Baylor in Dallas. He will also be given a drug called gemcitabine which
will be given a few weeks after the 5FU. We were so hoping that he would be
chosen to take the experimental chemo, but it’s just not meant to be. The
company that makes this experimental chemo chooses people at random, kind of
like drawing names out of a hat, and Wayne was just not chosen.
Wayne is not doing to well, he has lost over twenty pounds and is having
some of the symptoms that we were told to expect. They ran a scan of his
stomach, chest and abdomen last week and the scan showed no signs of the
cancer in any other organs or lymph nodes, so we still have hope, and the
doctor told us, he would not be doing this if he thought there was no hope.
There are other experimental drugs out there, but for right now he will just
take the standard, because we have got to start doing something to fight
this thing. He will be able to participate in other treatments later if
necessary. It is inoperable because it has many tiny fingers attached to it
so an operation is out for now. Hopefully the radiation and chemo will
shrink it enough that maybe surgery will be an option.
Let me tell you our faith is really being tested, it’s so easy to tell
someone keep your faith and trust in God, but it’s another thing when it’s
you walking down in that valley, but this I know, that there is a God and He
love his children and he truly carries you through the storms of life.
Wayne and I are living proof of this. We feel His strong arms around us and
hear His sweet voice calming our fears. Many, many prayer warriors are
praying for us and let me tell you, we are receiving strength from them.
Know matter what the out come of this God will be victorious. Just keep on
praying for Wayne, God is not retired, He is still performing miracles, and
I don’t believe He’s through with Wayne yet. Wayne had the opportunity to
witnessed to 85 men at the plant where he worked the other day at a
retirement party for one of the men, he has touch many lives through
testimony. I am so proud of his love that he has for the Lord and his
boldness to witness of his Lord. Please keep on praying for Wayne and
lifting him up.

Love to You and Yours,


——-Original Message——-

Have you ever experience a day, you didn’t want to end? Yesterday, was such a day for me. It started with news that sadden my heart. Wayne and Glynn got a call from Dallas. Wayne will not be taking the experimental chemo. Our hearts sank. Then God reminded us to Praise Him in All Things. We visited with Wayne and Glynn for about 1 1/2 hours, closing with a Praise for that call, and the lives given us. Thanking God for All.

Last nite, at Prayer Meeting, the Holy Spirit moved in a Mighty Way! We all gathered around Wayne and Glynn. Even the 37 of our youth were present. We made Circles of Love, and Praise. Wayne was in such pain, and very tired from the stress of the day. We prayed for healing of our hearts. We prayed for a fire to burn within all who are Christians, that we witness to the lost. We prayed for our young people, living in a world of much darkness, temptations, and stress. Wayne and Glynn prayed Prayers of surrender and Praise. God as Always was listening! Lives were changed! Revival has started!!

7 youth gave their hearts to God!! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!! Thank you God for Your Son Jesus, who died, that those who believe on Him, might have everlasting Life.


Without the Way there is no going;

Without the Truth there is no knowing;

Without the Life there is no living.

~~~Thomas a’ Kempis~~~

“And they asked him, saying, Master,

we know that thou sayest and teachest

rightly, neither acceptest thou the person

of any, but teachest the way of God truly:…”

Luke 20:21 KJV

Have a “Thanking God for All” Thursday.

Because He Lives,






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