Church Families Provide Physical Support

The day after Thanksgiving, 2006, my husband fell from a ladder to a concrete slab breaking both ankles and the fibula in his right leg. It was a terrifying, potentially deadly moment which still lives in my memory. Rick stayed in our local hospital one night and then was transferred to a hospital in Lubbock for five more nights.

It was during this traumatic time in our lives that we began to experience the loving care of our church family. Before we even left the emergency room that first day, a couple from our church arrived just to be with us and help any way they could. Their presence alone was very comforting.

Throughout Rick’s hospitalization our church family stayed in close contact.  One of the men called to let me know that a cold front was coming and asked it there was anything that needed to be done at our house to protect the pipes.  He also asked if there was anything we were going to need when we got home.  I mentioned that  a wheelchair ramp on our front door would be helpful.   He assured me that providing us with a ramp would be no problem.

After being dismissed from the hospital the next Thursday, we drove home from Lubbock. Rather I drove us home. Yes, the wheelchair ramp was ready and waiting.  The moment we arrived our pastor drove up and helped me get Rick into the house.  He helped us, I mean me, unload the car which was filled with equipment necessary for Rick’s home care.  Shortly families from our Sunday School class began arriving with food.  One of the ladies took a grocery list and went to the store.

When the accident happened, Rick was in the process of building a workshop by our house. He and our son were working on the metal frame of this structure.  Rick was up about 10 ft. high on a metal extension ladder.  He leaned to the right,  the ladder slid to the left, and down they both came.

The day after our arrival home three men from our church came over and finished the frame of the workshop.  At 7:00 a.m. the next morning, approximately 15 men from the church descended upon our house and completely finished the building within about 4 hours.  While they were working outside, there were 2 men working inside, enlarging the doorway to one of our bathrooms, making it wheelchair accessible.  There were also 2 ladies vacuuming floors and cleaning my kitchen.

This love in action was so very comforting and humbling.  It made us feel so very loved.  Our church family is a very important part of our lives.

My last, well, last for now, thought about being part of a church family comes in the form of encouragement to you, my readers.  If you are not part of a church, please, please, allow God to guide you to a wonderful caring church.  Then once you are part of a church family, allow God to use you to be a blessing in the lives of hurting families and in turn, all your church family to bless you when your family is hurting.


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