The Latest on Wayne

 This update just arrived via email.  God is so very good.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.   This email was written by Wayne’s sister, Dot.

To All Our Friends & Family,

Just talked to Glynn.  Praise the Lord, Praise The Lord,  the cancer is contained to the one spot on Wayne’s pancreas.   It is 3.2×3.8 centimeters in size.  He will be doing the experimental chemo, the regular chemo and something they called 5FU chemo.  The reports showed all of the scans looked good.  However there is a cyst on his left kidney, which is 6 millimeters in size.  Shona says that a millimeter is smaller that a centimeter.  She said they did not seem concerned about it, but tomorrow when they see the radiology specialist they are asking him about it.  He will have a Doppler ultrasound done tomorrow on his legs to check out his veins and make sure there are no bloodclots, or such.  They took 8 veils of blood today, so Wayne was stretched out on the bed resting when Glynn called.

They will probably be home on Wednesday because his appointment for imaging is rather late for them to be leaving on Tuesday.

Isn’t God just so good!!!!!  I just had a vision yesterday that God was busy inside that pancreas knitting around that tumor keeping it contained.

Thank you all so much for your love, prayers and concern.  Where would we all be if it weren’t for friends and family supporting us in troubled times like these.  You are all special.

We love you all,

Dot & Loy


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