Home again, for a couple of days

Just to keep you up to date.  My grandmother, Mom, is still in the hospital, but seems to be doing better.  Though she still can have nothing to eat or drink, according to xrays, her small intestine seems to be improving.  My sister, Darla, has come to take over for me and I am home for a couple of days.

As I mentioned before, watching Mom nauseated and in pain was so very hard.  She did her best not to complain about her misery, but would just lie in bed and whimper.  Oh, it was so hard.  Yesterday however, she seemed to ‘turn the corner’ and perk up.  The pain in her abdomen and the nausea decreased.  As a result she was suddenly hungry, starving to use her words.  Wonderful sign.  However, the doctor was not yet ready to challenge her digestive system with food or liquids, and so she just had to be patient.  She was really funny as she began to talk to the nurses about the T bone steak she had ordered and that they could bring it just any time now.  We all laughed about it.

Mom is such an amazing woman.  Soon I will begin to write about her, but just to give you a clue to part of her outlook on life, yesterday she said several times, “Smilers never lose and frowners never win”.  Yep, that’s classic Mom.


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