Hospital Elegante’, Again

Once again, my ‘hospital routine’ has clicked in. I have made my ‘nest’, my clothes are ready for tomorrow, and in a few minutes I will be showering and getting ready for bed. There are differences this time though. In many ways this may be harder. Much harder.

My grandmother, now 96, has been ill for several days with pain in her lower abdomen. I went to her house on Wednesday evening and took her to the doctor on Thursday. This afternoon we checked her into the hospital with a blockage in her small intestine. She had a very rough afternoon with stomach pain and throwing up foul smelling bile. At the moment she is relaxed and sleeping. The doctor wants to give her digestive system a couple of days to ‘rest’ and see if this blockage will just work itself out. If not, then we will call in a gastrointerologist and see what his recommendations are.

As hard as it was to see my parents suffer with their illnesses, my heart wrenched at watching my precious grandmother endure attempts to put a tube in her nose down to her stomach. I was determined to stay by her side during this procedure, so I had to be strong or the nurses would ask me to leave. Which I was and so I stayed.

She is so frail and so weak, but the nurses already love her.

I’m sure there will be ‘scheduled cries’ so that I will be able to emotionally handle the difficult moments of the next few days. This is another one of life’s difficult, no, heartbreaking moments. Another path to walk down. Another time to remember:

If God bring you to it, He will bring you through it. He will do that for me, and more importantly, He will do that for my grandmother.


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