Church Families Provide Emotional Support

Life’s experiences often effect the our emotional stability. When tragedy and crisis comes into our lives, we naturally begin to feel all the emotions that accompany those events. Many of those emotions are extreme in nature. They may fluctuate from day to day or hour to hour and are not easily overcome or controlled.

Within the arms of our church family we have a strong safety net in which we can allow our emotional waves to come and go without the sting of criticism or judgment. We find this understanding because, as Christians, we have this same kind of unconditional acceptance from Christ.

While my parents were in the throes of their cancer illness, I would update my Sunday School class on their situation, and often my tears would begin to flow. I also stopped singing in our church choir because I couldn’t make it through a worship service without crying. I didn’t stop attending church, however.  My church family totally understood and accepted my tears, giving me the freedom and space to work through my roller-coastering emotions in my own way and within my own time frame.

As I write this post, I realize some of you may have different experiences than mine. It is entirely possible that you have felt criticism from your church family instead of acceptance, and judgment instead of support. Sadly, that is the case in some churches, but, in my opinion and from my experience, these churches are the “exception” rather than the “rule”, in my opinion.


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