What it Means to Have a “Church Family”

As I began to learn about writing blogs and how to make them more widely read, one of the suggestions that many writers had was to be sure and use lots ‘key words’ which are often used by people when ‘googling’ a specific idea.  They are the words that would be frequently typed in a search engine when someone is looking for a specific topic.  Yes, that is a great idea, and I have used it on a limited basis when writing posts.

However, the ideas in this blog are too important to me to put in key words that might sway the meaning of my posts.  Therefore, I have decided to just be obedient to what God wants me to write and then He will take care of who needs to read this blog.

In the next few posts I am going to write about the importance of having a ‘church family’.  If you are part of a church that loves and care for its members, then you will understand my writing in the context of your own experiences.  You already know how vital a church family is during times of crisis.

If you are not part of a church family, then you may not have a frame of reference for the things I will be sharing.  My desire, my prayer is that perhaps God can use these next few posts to touch your hearts in such a way that you will seek out the kind of church that will be a support to you and your family during times of crisis.


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