God is Great!! Praise His Name!!

This update on Wayne, my Sunday School Teacher, comes in the form of an email he wrote this morning. God is good. All the time.

To all my prayer warriors,my family and my friends.

Let me begin by telling you in events how great God is.

1.I found I had pancreatic cancer on Friday 9/7/07 about 5:30PM. Great shock.

2.My gastroenteritis Dr. Mallat referred me to oncologist Dr.Senzer. Both at Baylor

University Medical Center.

3.God moved Preston my son and his wife Seanna pronounced Shawna to Lewisville,Tx. just North of Dallas a few miles. A place to stay while receiving experimental chemo at Baylor. PRAISE GOD

4. We were told to call Dr Senzer Monday to set up appointment.

5. Monday morning Glynn tried but found that Dr. Mallats nurse had given the wrong number for DR. Senzer. So she has to find his right number. She calls his office and finds out that he will be out of the country for 2-3 weeks. Panic city because they should have started last week. Joke everybody laugh.

6. She calls Dr. Mallats office to find out what is going on. They said he would talk to Dr. Senzer and give us a call. Dr. Mallats nurse called and said to wait on a call from Dr. Senzers office because he would see us before he left the country.

7. So we wait and Tuesday morning they call my work number and tell me that he Dr. Senzer can see me Oct. 2nd because he is already out of the country. Panic,Panic city and I have to call Glynn with the news.

8. She goes ballistic saying we are not waiting that long. I say be silent and wait patiently on The LORD.She said she was calling Dr. Mallats office.I say whatever and I love you and hang up.

9. Dr. Senzers nurse calls me back 3 minutes later and tells me that Dr Senzer just called and said to set me up with his partner Doctor at 11:00 Am Wednesday Sept.12th. I call Glynn back on her cell phone because I can’t get her on the home phone. She answers and I tell her not to call because they will see me tomorrow.She laughs,cry’s and said she was trying to call Dr. Mallet through all the tears. I tell her I love Her.

10.We praise the LORD and will leave this afternoon for Preston’s.

11. This is Our AUSOME GOD at work. PRAISE HIM.

12. If I have misspelled forgive me. I’ve been sick. Laugh,Laugh, Laugh. I can rejoice and be glad in HIM.


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