Update on Wayne–A Tumor at the Base of His Pancreas

My heart is heavy this morning, almost broken. I feel badly now that I haven’t provided more updates on Wayne, my wonderful Sunday School Teacher. I first wrote about Wayne on July 22 when he was about to have tests run on his pancreas. The tests came back showing that he had sists on his pancreas that just needed to be watched. He has now had more tests which show that he has a tumor at the base of his pancreas. At this time the tumor is considered to be inoperable, but preparations are being made for him to have experimental chemotherapy.

Please pray for Wayne and Glynn as they travel down this path. Pray that God will help them as they deal with the shock of this diagnosis. Pray that He will give strength and wisdom and pray that He will be present at every test, at every treatment, and at every turn of this winding road. Pray for their family and us, their church family, as we provide support, prayer, and love.

I have more to say about this in another post.


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