Is God not listening? Is He Being Stubborn?

We prayed for Wayne.  In Sunday School we prayed for Wayne.  In our worship service, as a church family, we prayed for Wayne.  Wayne is a godly man.  His life in every area displays God’s love, grace, and leadership.

God, what is the deal?  We earnestly prayed for Wayne’s healing and so far it hasn’t happened.  Did You hear us?  Did You ignore us?  Why does it have to be this way?  Why can’t it be our way?  It would be so easy for You to heal Wayne, and  God, we would all give You the Glory.

This was just a small part of what went through my mind and my heart when I heard Wayne’s diagnosis.  Why is it that healing comes to some and not others?  Oh, I wish I knew.  There are some things that are not for our understanding this side of heaven.

There are some things that I do believe, I know and I understand.  I do believe that God did not cause Wayne’s cancer and we should not blame Him for it.  I also believe that even though Wayne has not to this point been healed as we so earnestly prayed, we should not begin to believe that God is not listening or that He is being stubborn or that He doesn’t care.  On the contrary, I believe that this is the time to strengthen our belief in God, and solidify our faith in His Love and His Care. Our prayers should continue and yes, we should continue to pray for Wayne’s healing.  I believe that God’s Grace and Glory will be evident in many ways in Wayne and Glynn’s life these next few months, and many lives will be touched by that Grace and Glory.


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