Rare Neuro-muscular Disease–Sister Update

It has been a while since I posted an update on my sister, Susan. In her previous update I wrote that she was bleeding behind the retinas in her eyes, and the retinologist informed us that she had appeared to have classic damage done by retinopathy, a condition caused by the long term presence of diabetes. This was hard for us to believe, because she had no symptoms.

Nevertheless, diabetes has now become a confirmed diagnosis for her. She has had lasar surgery on one eye to attempt to repair the damage done by retinopathy and save her eyesight. The surgery one her other eye will be next week. It is our understanding that it will be two to three months before we will know if the surgeries are successful.

Her primary care physician told her that her diabetes is unrelated to the progressive lack of mobility in her legs. He said she had a rare neuro-muscular disease and has referred her to a clinic in Ft. Worth which specializes in these types of diseases. He did indicate that it is possible that whatever caused the neuro-muscular disease may have also caused the diabetes. He had no name for the disease and no treatment for her. Hopefully all that will come from the specialists at this clinic. We are waiting for word from them concerning whether or no they will accept her as a patient. Waiting…….Waiting….. Waiting…..

Please continue to pray for her. She needs strength, understanding, and oh, yes, healing…..We all need help in the area of being patient with what seems to us to be an agonizingly slow process.


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